Sewstern Lane – Proposed Traffic Regulation Order

Lincolnshire County Council is now consulting on proposals for a Traffic Regulation Order to restrict driving on parts of Sewstern Lane and The Drift. The devastation caused by 4 x 4’s and motorbikes on Sewstern Lane, near Allington is well documented. In particular the section between the crossroads on Bottesford Road and the A52 has been badly affected. The damage caused by these vehicles has prevented use of this part of Sewstern Lane by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Effectively a minority has been spoiling things for the majority.

The County Council is asking for objections by 29 March. However it is very important that representation is also made from people wishing to support the proposals. You simply need to email your opinion to (For the attention of: Mrs T Featherstone, Traffic Orders Section). You should provide some grounds for your case. The fact that for many people it has become impossible to use Sewstern Lane should be enough. It was long used as a means to access the Vale by cyclists and horse riders who are now required to use the dangerous Allington – Sedgebrook road. It is also difficult to overlook the environmental improvement that these proposals will bring. Please help spread the work and get people to support the making of this traffic regulation order.

You can view the consultation documents on the County Council website by following this link.

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  1. Totally agree with the Sewstern Lane proposal. I frequently walk this area around the junction with the Bottesford road near Allington. Due to the damage caused by motorcycles and 4×4 vehicles areas have become impassible for walkers prohibiting opportunities to enjoy the countryside. Hope your plans are successful.

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