Sewstern Lane – Again

The saga of Sewstern Lane rumbles on. After a lengthy consultation period on their proposals to introduce a Traffic Regulation Order to downgrade Sewstern Lane, the County Council has decided that more consultation is required. Most readers of this website will be aware that there is overwhelming local support for these proposals. In recent years parts of Sewstern lane have become no go areas for cyclists and horse riders because of damage to the surface caused by the reckless use of trail bikes and 4 x 4s. Even walkers find some parts difficult to traverse. The County’s proposals would hopefully reverse this problem by banning the use of motorised vehicles.

When asked why the consultation period had been extended we received the following reply

the period has been extended as there were concerns from some interested parties that there was not enough time to fully digest the proposals and although we have gone above and beyond what is required by the regulations, it was felt that extending the consultation period wouldn’t make too much difference in the grand scheme of things.
Lincolnshire County Council

This begs the question – who are these interested parties? It’s hardly likely to be the local community who simply want to see the thing done. It’s therefore possible that national bodies representing other users of off road tracks are involved – The Trailriders Association, for example. While this is speculation it is important for local residents to redouble their efforts to see these proposals over the line.

The extended consultation period now ends on 24 May. The County Council’s website where the proposal are advertised calls for objections by this date. We have taken issue with the County Council over this wording and they acknowledge that anyone can write in with comments on the proposals. They also say they will change this wording in the future. For full details of the consultation go to the LCC website.

What Can you Do?

The most important this is to respond to the County Council. Comments can be made in writing to Chief Executive – Lincolnshire County Council, Lancaster House, 36 Orchard Street, Lincoln, LN1 1XX or Email: (For the attention of: Mrs T Featherstone, Traffic Orders Section) by 24 May 2024.

It would also be helpful to let your local County Councillor know how you feel. He is Mark Whittington. You can email him at

Allington Parish Council are meeting on 8 May. They too should be making strong representations to the County Council. You can email them at If you have a few minutes to spare you can attend the meeting on 8 May at 7.15pm in the village hall, where 15 minutes are set aside for the public to have their say.

South Kesteven District Council are not responsible for highway matters but they do have an interest in tourism and given the importance of the Viking Way as a long distance footpath they too should be making their voice heard. Your district councillors are Pam Bosworth and Rob Leadenham. You can email them at and

The Police would do well to take an interest in this issue. The bulk of trail bikes using Sewstern Lane are are not displaying number plates and consequently are likely to be uninsured and untaxed. Their web page for online contact is

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