Country Cake

A Recipe From Allington W.I.

Contributed by: Vickie Withington.


8 oz Self Raising Flour
4 oz butter
5 oz granulated sugar
½ tsp mixed spice – we like more than this, a quick taste will tell!
2 eggs
5 Tbsp milk
1 Tbsp vinegar
5 oz mixed dried fruit


In a bowl make flour, butter, sugar and spice into ‘breadcrumbs’.
In a jug beat eggs, milk and vinegar together.
Add to bowl and mix, mixture will be loose.
Pour into greased 7” round cake tin – optional, sprinkle surface with a little granulated sugar.Bake in moderate oven 160°C/170°C, 325°/350°F, Gas Mark 4 for 1 hour until firm to touch.


Turn onto cake rack to cool.

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