Balsamic Roasted Sausage with Red Vegetables

A Recipe From Allington W.I.

Contributed by: Margaret Dicken.


3 red onions cut into wedges
3 red peppers, deseeded and quartered
3 Tbls olive oil
8 sausages
250g cherry tomatoes
2 Tbls clear honey
2 Tbls balsamic vinegar


Oven 200˚/180˚ fan

Roast the onions and peppers in oil for 10 minutes
Nestle the sausages and tomatoes around the vegetables
Drizzle the Balsamic vinegar and honey over the vegetables and sausages
Roast for 30 minutes, turn the sausages over half way through, until mixture is cooked and golden.

Notes:Serve with mustard mashed potato or crusty bread

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